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The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA)
is the for-impact, global organization supporting the
careers of all Women in Fitness. 

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WIFA exists to champion the ambitions of those that identify as women working in the fitness sector. We build networks, support systems, career development paths, and create opportunities to help you thrive.  

We are advocates for initiatives in the fitness sector that shift us towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.

WIFA is a non-profit organization funded by our members and partners. In return, WIFA's members and partners get promotion, community support, exclusive resources, and special events.


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Grow your network, grow your career.  

  • Exclusive WIFA Member Meetings   
  • WIFA Networking Events
  • WIFA Strategy Partners
  • Get Access to a Worldwide Network


WIFA offers our members accredited, continuing education like no other.

  • WIFA LEADership Programs
  •  WIFA Writer's Academy 
  • WIFA Speaker's Academy
  • Get Promoted as a Writer or Speaker


Our network has a lot of benefits.  

  • Get an Amazing Job
  • Scale Your Business 
  • Start a Franchise or Boutique
  • Position Yourself for the Executive Suite
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