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WIFA is the for-impact, global organization helping women to achieve their ambitions and create a diverse and inclusive future for the fitness & wellness industry

Our partners and sponsors are making a huge impact all over the world!

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 WIFA Sponsors and Contributors

We couldn't do what we do without these amazing partners.  We love that they are committed to making this world a more equitable place.

ACE is WIFA's Biggest Sponsor and Ally 
Learn more about:

ACE + WIFA  here!

 ACE  here.

Check out the WIFA Growth Grant Impact here.

Midtown Health is one of WIFA's longest and most loyal supporters.

Learn more about:

Midtown Health here.

POUND is one of WIFA's longest and most loyal supporters.

Learn more about POUND + WIFA here!

Learn more about POUND here.

We are grateful to have WellnessLiving as a partner

Learn more about WellnessLiving + WIFA here.

Learn more about WellnessLiving here.

Discover Strength is one of WIFA's longest and most loyal supporters. 

Learn more about Discover Strength here!

As one of the original fitness offerings exclusively for women, we are excited to have Curves as a partner! 

Learn more about Curves here!

We are so pumped to have TM as a partner! 

Learn more about TM + WIFA here.

Learn more about textmunications here.

We are excited to partner with Sport Alliance to bring more data on Gender Equity in the fitness space! 

Fill out the survey here.

TRIB3 is committed to the development of the women within their team. We are thrilled to partner as a resource for professional development!  

Learn more about TRIB3 here!

We rock our Run the World event because of myzone! 

Learn more about myzone + WIFA here.

We are proud to do so much impactful work with  EuropeActive! 

Learn more about: EuropeActive + WIFA here.

We are grateful to have FIBO as a partner! 

Learn more about FIBO here.

As a trusted, award-winning source of information on the health and fitness industry. We are excited to partner with Women's Health to promote WIFA's Writer's Academy scholars!

Learn more about Women's Health + WIFA here.

Learn more about Women's Health here.

FIT4MOM is one of the best franchises for moms, with thousands of locations nationwide.

Our shared commitment to to diversity and inclusion makes for a partnership that can have great impact in the fitness industry. 

Learn more about FIT4MOM here!

WIFA's Lifelong Friends

A HUGE shout out to the many organizations who have helped us over the years.  Your contribution has made a difference in the lives of women in the fitness sector.
The ripple effect of your generosity continues.  

Thank you.

Together with our partners, we are working toward making women of all identities supported and empowered in the workplace or in their business.  With every partner we are able to facilitate more mentorship opportunities, conduct more research, offer more opportunities for affordable, accredited training and development, more spaces and places for women to connect and grow.

To women in fitness, to tackling norms and barriers that have held women back.  To helping their colleagues have an equitable chance to succeed in their organizations and as entrepreneurs.

We make sure that they can use our platform to tell their stories.  That our members and the fitness and wellness sector know more about the organizations who are true allies and are making the changes we need.

There are Many Ways to Partner With WIFA

Here's a few to noodle on...

 Get a WIFA Growth Grant going in your organization for staff, partners or clients.

 Join as a Corporate Partner and we make sure our member's know about your company and offering.

 Sponsor a WIFA speaker or a WIFA event.

 Donate to our cause so that we can help Women in Fitness Achieve their ambitions. 

 Did we mention that we are very flexible and creative? Connect with us to find/make new and exciting ways to partner with WIFA!

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Fundraising is how we light up the world with women living their purpose. Help us help more women achieve their ambition and to create a more diverse and inclusive future for our industry. We are grateful for every contribution.

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