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5 Tips for the Hustler’s Life Balance

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As an entrepreneur the hustle is real. Every day and pretty much all the time. This is great when you are full of ideas and the energy to match. Significantly harder when your brain is working a little more slowly, every ping on your phone is a distraction and you keep having reasons to get up from your desk to just do that one other thing. I’ve been trying to get this blog started for the last 30 minutes. What forced out that first line was literally my orange fluffy and quite large cat Benny sprawling himself out on the floor directly behind my chair so I can’t move. So here goes…

The hustle is real. As a business owner, it is up to me to keep the work moving and all that entails to ensure the growth and success of my business. As a Yogi and a recovering workaholic trying to find that balance without getting overwhelmed or burning out is a constant battle. I wanted to share some of things I do to keep me in check:

1. Daily practice + meditation: Every morning, 15-20 minutes, before coffee. I do a few stretches, check in with my breath and sit. Start your day with a clear mind and emotional balance. Make peace with nagging thoughts and set an intention for your day. (Intentions are not to do lists) Check out my article: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.
2. Have TWO to do lists: The first one is your priorities, what are the 3-5 things that can be accomplished today based on the rest of your schedule. The second one, what is everything else that needs to be done. To do lists are endless. It is pointless to think you will ever be completely done, but by separating out your priorities each day you will have that sense of accomplishment.
3. Stick to a schedule: Outside of meetings, class times or sessions, where else do you need a chunk of time devoted to your business each week. Schedule this in and then lock it off. Thursday mornings for me are for writing my blog. So outside of personal distractions this is all I have to do. As tantalizing as may be, I don’t accept meetings at this time because if I do, I know my blog won’t get done and I’ll just end up frustrated with myself.
4. Take a break: Every 1-2 hours, or every time you check off something bigger from your list step away from your computer. Go check in on your pets, re-fill your water glass, do a household task, stare out the window, call a friend. There are a million distractions when you work from home so pick one and do it before sitting down and moving to the next task. This has helped me immensely with my ability to focus and manage my longer days.
5. Take a REAL vacation: Get out of town, turn off your wifi and don’t teach classes. Open an actual book, do a puzzle, go for a long walk, sit and stare at the clouds. Unplug, reset recharge and stop making excuses on why you can’t. Vacations are imperative to combat burnout and keep you feeling connected.
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