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5 Ways to Grow Your Business This Summer

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5 ways to grow your business this summer. In the health and fitness world, business can feel like (and sometimes really does) slow down in the summer with clients on vacation, kid schedules and clients not really ready/willing to commit.

I always saw a surge in clients in the beginning of September - is this true for you???

So what to do in the meantime?? What to work on to grow your business when starting with new clients is not always at the top of the list?

In this episode, I share with you 5 of the things I am personally working on this summer and potentially a few of these could be helpful to your business.

Without giving it all away - here are the 5 ways to grow your business that I talk about in the episode. Listen to the episode for the details on each one and how they can benefit you.

  • Start a podcast - (join my 4 week course here if you've been looking to start a show)
  • Answer the question "What do I want?"
  • Work on your systems and back end
  • Network and talk to potential clients and professionals
  • FUN

Before you listen, which ones appeal to you?? For me, I am working on the systems and back end of my business. That stuff always goes on the back burner and I have the time, desire (and need) to get it done.

Author: Lindsey Heiserman

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