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WIFA Waves Episode 34 | Robyn Duda

WIFA Waves Episode 34 | Robyn Duda

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On episode 33 of WIFA Waves, Lindsey and Morgan talk with Robyn Duda. Robyn is co-founder of The Change The Stage Initiative, which looks to elevate underrepresented voices in events. Known for thinking different and creating bold change, she is working to revolutionize the live, virtual event and digital experience space. Independently, Robyn has worked with some of the most recognized brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Spotify and IBM along with leading teams at some of the largest event holding companies including UBM. Over the last 15 years, Robyn has held positions within every facet of the event world including sales, marketing, operations and content development. It’s this diverse background of experiences which enable Robyn to uniquely look at the whole business to develop growth strategies centered around serving their communities. With a vision for reinventing the future of experience in ways that lead to long term growth, Robyn has been requested to speak all over the world.

Lindsey, Morgan and Robyn discuss the mission of The Change The Stage Initiative and the importance of passing and sharing the mic with new and different voices. Robyn also shares how she found her authentic voice, and the career shift she made as a result. 

Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Full transcript available upon request.

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