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Are you Wonder Woman?

Jan 29, 2019

If anyone ever asks you, the answer is, YES!

By definition, Wonder Woman is a fictional character who also happens to be a demigoddess, a warrior princess, and an all-around BADASS! Her weapons include a Lasso of Truth, (imagine being able to whip that out in an argument?), a pair of magical, indestructible bracelets, and a tiara that can be used as a projectile.

 Her goal in life is to fight for justice, love, peace, and even GENDER EQUALITY!

Okay, I get it. You are asking yourself, “How could I ever consider myself in the same category, let alone the same universe, as Wonder Woman?

The answer is VERY SIMPLE!

Take a moment and think about the mere fact that Wonder Woman is a fictitious character. She is a fierce woman that was created from the depths of the imagination and brought to life by those who share in this vision. Therefore, if fiction is a portal a platonic conception of who you most desire to be, who you wish to become, or how you see yourself in the world, then YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN WONDER WOMAN!

Wonder Woman spreads messages of empowerment, strength, and “badassery,” and so can you! Create your own reality! Create your own version of Wonder Woman and go out and live it?

What is it that YOU WANT TO FIGHT FOR IN LIFE? What kind of life WILL YOU LIVE? What will be YOUR LEGACY? 

Will you take on monumental world problems and fight crime? Or will you create a positive life for yourself, your family, and your friends through your everyday actions and attitude?

Create your own SUPERHERO! Identify YOUR VILLIANS! Attain YOUR WEAPONS! (by that I mean....arm yourself with strength, determination, willpower, and confidence)

The world is YOURS FOR THE TAKING! Create YOUR STORY! Be a Wonder Woman! Yes You Can!