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Be Your Own Hero

May 14, 2019

A memory popped up on Facebook the other day, of a Saturday morning just over 9 years ago when I delivered my first ever conference presentation. The room was packed with over 100 fitness professionals, many with infinitely more industry (and life) experience than me.

I remember feeling terrified as I set the room up, laying out medicine balls and resistance bands, imposter syndrome gripping me firmly, my inner critic taunting me, undermining my self-belief. “What could you possibly have of value to share with these people?” The Critic spat, my hands shaking as I wrestled the battery pack of my headmic into the pocket of my mic belt.

The doors opened and people poured into the room. I stood at the front of the room, too petrified to greet everyone at the door as I’d planned. I felt too little of everything I thought I needed to be: I was too young, too female, too inexperienced, too undereducated, too plain, too amateurish. It was also too late to do anything about any of it.  

As I stepped on stage, the throng quietened, their upturned faces staring at me expectantly. Palms sweaty, voice wavering, I started. Before I knew it, the session was over and attendees came to chat with me, asking questions, sharing high 5’s, excitedly telling me of their plans to integrate the content into their sessions and classes.

 We frequently underestimate what we know, what we can do, the impact that we can have. We so often doubt that we can make our dreams a reality, or that we can reach the goals that we set for ourselves. But the thing is that if we’re ready to get really, really uncomfortable, to actually do the work, to be a little bit resilient and a lot bit brave, we can absolutely be our own heroes.

 Nine years ago the fitness industry was a different landscape. It felt (perhaps due in part to my young, relatively inexperienced, naïve perspective) as if people held so tightly to their knowledge, grasping at opportunities as if they would run out, and even stepping over others, clawing them down, in the process. I’m thrilled to feel us teeter on the precipice of change, to see other women reaching back to offer a hand to another as they step forward in their careers.

 It’s this idea that hatched into the FUEL Women’s Fitness Business Summit, as WIFA ambassador for Australia, Deborah Goldberg, and I lamented the lack of inclusive, inspiring events that spoke to us. The more we talked about our idea, the more we realised that if we wanted this gap to be filled, then we needed to be the ones to do so.

 So, here we are, less than three months away from D-day. We’re excited but also damn scared. In bringing this event to life, these two control-freak, fun-loving, carb-eating, pinot-drinking, take-too-much-on’ers, have had to learn to put our egos aside, to make mistakes, to ask for help, to rely on each other and the incredible women on our presenter faculty, and to be vulnerable as all-get-out. Did I mention that we’re scared? But we can’t stop, because we believe in creating this space for you, for us, for the women we represent and serve, but also because we believe that sometimes you just have to be your own damn hero.

We’re trying to do big things. Come with us.

About FUEL Women’s Fitness Business Summit

 FUEL is a two day personal and professional development experience that will set your business spirit alight. You’ll be exposed to some of the brightest, most influential and ambitious female fitness business leaders, as they share the latest insights from the fields of PR, networking, leadership, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and more. You’ll connect with like-minded women, and learn strategies for building your brand, increasing your revenue and accelerating your life. FUEL runs over Thurs 25th & Fri 26th July 2019 in Sydney, Australia.

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