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Building Loyalty That Lasts In Uncertain Times

Mar 31, 2020

Though the world as we know it has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, many fitness facilities and individual fitness professionals are finding innovative ways to stay engaged with their members. The truth is that in this time of uncertainty, members need their “gym families” more than ever. This includes trainers and instructors as well as other members and staff. In fact, this is an opportunity for fitness facilities to lead the effort when it comes to keeping people connected and employees at work. As I recently heard Mike Leveque from MYZONE share, “we need physical distance while maintaining social connectedness.”


One powerful way the industry has managed to stay connected in the past couple of weeks is by posting virtual workouts online. There are many vendors who are providing content for the fitness facilities that are their customers to share with their members at no cost. There are also many clubs and individuals posting their own content. Unfortunately, this deluge of content also creates a lot of noise, and members can have trouble finding their way to the very best workouts and instruction. For your facility to produce content that matters to members, you’re going to have to provide an offering that meets all their needs during this challenging time — not just workouts, but education, information and opportunities to connect and share their stories…….


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Author: Rebecca Cofod