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Checklist Vs. Schedule

ambassadors blog fitness home training lifestyle member member benefit the women in fitness association travel wifa wifa ambassador women in fitness association women leaders womeninfitnessassociation Feb 26, 2019

Right now, my husband and I are trying to get in all the travel we possibly can. This mentality is because we know our time for care-free travel is coming to an end in the near future. When we get back from our honeymoon in April, we plan to get a puppy. We want to get a Shorkie, which is a Shitzu-Yorkie mix; they range from 5-12 pounds and are incredibly lovable. They do, however, need to be given a lot of attention and do not do well crated up or with boarders. In short, they are cuddle bugs and want to be with their people all the time! (Hey friends and family, get ready to puppy-sit!)

Anyways, this impending change in responsibility has us with a strong yearning to do everything. Yes, this can be exhausting but that is okay. It can also mean it is hard to keep a regimented workout routine. Every Monday I may not be able to go to boxing class as I may not be anywhere near a boxing studio. So, I have been working hard to develop a well-rounded workout routine/ checklist that allows for FLEXIBILITY!!!! Hooray! I have been following this loose template for a few weeks and just love it. The flexibility lets me adapt to my schedule and travels and the checklist keeps me accountable.

The workouts can be combined in any manner as well… so for instance, one day that I am home and want to do a longer workout, I might take a yoga class and do strength. Other days, I might just swim… also, the swimming can be hard if you travel to a hotel without a pool, but if not, it is such an awesome workout for on the road as minimal gear is needed!

This week my workout routine went/will do like this:

  • Monday: Swim & home Barre

  • Tuesday: Taught Cycle & practiced Yoga

  • Wednesday: Taught Cardio Strength & practiced Pound!

  • Thursday: 9Round & took a Yoga class

  • Friday: 9Round & 20-minutes of Zumba Strong

  • Saturday: Run & home Barre

  • Sunday: Run & home Yoga

Next week, it will not look the same but that is okay and fun! If you give this mix a try, let me know how it goes!

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