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Connection to Self

self care self discovery wifa vox Jan 20, 2022

Connection to Self

presented by Nikki Williams

More about Nikki:

My mission is to create a safe space for women to be their best self. My tools to do this are via my business, Positive Choice, which offers group exercise classes, personal training and life coaching to clients, mentoring to become a PT or/and Group Ex Instructor for my trainees and by supporting NZ exercise business in my full time role at Exercise NZ & REPs NZ.

With 33 years in the exercise industry and many lessons learnt the hard way at the university of life, I have tools and suggestions to share with you around connecting to yourself and growing into your full power. I look forward to meeting you and creating a safe space for YOU to become the best you can be.

Nikki Williams - Business Development Manager for Exercise NZ & REPs NZ, Owner & Coach at Positive Choice and Recipient of the Skills Active Manukura Award at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards 2021.

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