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Energy Leadership

career leadership wifa vox Sep 24, 2021

 What is it costing you not to actively and intentionally go after what you really want?  Understand the power of the of choice and learn how to choose your stress reaction so that it doesn't hold you back.  Learn about the process to reset your stress response in any situation.

Here's more about the Speaker:

Kelly R Lepley, Executive & Business Coach

Summit Solutions Coaching & Consulting, LLC

I bring confidence and courage to individuals and teams so that they can lead with intention!

In life and leadership I am enthusiastic about helping others fully engage in what drives them. I help clients make decisions more effectively, increase productivity, accelerate innovation and execute strategy to advance both personally and professionally.

As an Executive and Business Coach, I specialize in Energy Leadership and Core Energy Coaching. I partner with high-functioning professionals and business owners to effectively navigate professional development pursuits, leadership transition, and operational planning in their business or organization.

Additionally, I support operational strategy and scalability for service-based businesses primarily in the health and wellness industry, founded on 17yrs experience in fitness operations. With 10 years of Executive leadership experience in a large corporate non-profit, I am driven by a desire to align vision and accountability to help leaders transform culture and achieve sustainable results.