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Feature Friday

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WIFA is proud to feature two lovely ladies that are doing great things. Read on to learn about, WIFA members, Suzanne Hosley and Angie Pattengale.

I was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to Asia over 30 years ago. 
I am passionate about helping people learn and develop. I started in business and management education and have been working in fitness and sports education and training in Thailand for 10 years now. 

I set up Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Ltd (FIT) in 2004 in response to requests from local personal trainers seeking to upgrade their qualifications and acquire international certification. We have since expanded into Yoga, Pilates and GX instructor training and to other countries in SEA and have also founded the annual Asia Fitness Convention in 2009 – a three-day fitness and sports extravaganza which now attracts over 1,000 delegates from around the region. AFC invites 50 of the best presenters in the world to Thailand each year to bring fitness professionals and enthusiasts the latest trends, techniques and skills.

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Angie is the Certification Program Director for the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), she has been serving NFPT personal trainers and working alongside industry professionals for over 20 years. Angie grew up with fitness, it was part of the lifestyle and passion that her father, Ron Clark (NFPT's Founder), led by example. Angie has followed in these footsteps, with more of her focus being on the authority and recognition of the certified personal trainer as a support pillar for allied health care and wellness through fitness. Angie's focus is on certification program advances and strategies that increase the authority and reliability of the organizational mission. Part of this includes the maintenance and adherence to NCCA accreditation standards and certification advancements and/or testing protocols, while the other part embodies the essence of personal training - a personal service to others for the well-being of others. Angie supports fitness enthusiasts turned personal trainers because they make a difference in people's lives, every day. She grew up seeing what personal trainers do and how they impact people in their work, not just for one day but for a lifetime. She works to help build-up trainers and support their needs through various NFPT developments, deliveries and partnerships.

Angie enjoys internal management of projects which add to the growth initiatives of her organization, but most of all she enjoys the people that she is blessed to work with, collaborate with, and move this industry forward with. She believes strongly in a 'Better Together' mission that moves our industry as a collective voice to encourage those who have not yet gained the life benefits, both mentally and physically, as the result of better health and fitness. Personal trainers are the backbone to this movement because they get people up and moving, and Angie works to make them stronger through recognizing and encouraging the work that they do, every day.

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