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Feature Friday

Nov 30, 2018

WIFA is proud to feature two lovely ladies that are doing great things. Read on to learn about, WIFA members, Freyja Spence and Jen Bacon!

Freyja has been a Health Coach in Canada since 2006, after attending the University of Guelph for an HBSc in Human Kinetics. She works with a wide variety of clients including Olympic athletes, professional Ballet dancers, and primarily those seeking health and pain-free movement.

In addition to founding Move Daily, Freyja is a Lead Instructor for DTS Fitness Education, is Canada’s first Animal Flow Master Instructor, and has presented at various national and international fitness conferences.

Freyja’s passion for teaching and movement stems from her years in classical ballet that started at the age of two and continued to a pre-professional level. In an attempt to gain strength and rehabilitate her own injuries, she began exploring a myriad of other forms of movement to include Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebells, gymnastics, Strongman, swimming, rock climbing, cycling, and trail running, and continues to compete in endurance races alongside her family.

While at the University of Guelph, she had the unique opportunity to work for the Health and Performance Centre, thus beginning her involvement with fitness testing, athletic programs for kids, injury rehabilitation, and athletic development through strength training. She has since worked for one of Canada’s largest Sports Medicine Clinics, using functional training to return clients to a strong and pain-free day-to-day life. Her clients range from young athletes, adults seeking counterbalance from desk jobs, to Olympic or World level athletes all of whom share the common goal of better health & pain-free movement.

Freyja believes strongly that everyone has the ability to be their own hero when it comes to health & fitness. She takes pride in continuing education and is always striving to empower clients to live stronger, healthier and injury-free lives.

Contact Freyja here!


Jen Bacon has 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry in the commercial, corporate, and community settings. Her education includes a B.S. in Natural Science and Mathematics from Muhlenberg College and an M.S. in Applied Anatomy and Physiology from Boston University. Jen has had the benefit of experiencing the industry from several vantage points as a trainer, program manager, general manager, human resources director, and in several corporate leadership roles. Her areas of focus include project management and team engagement. She currently is leading the fitness line of service for Premise Health as the Director of Fitness.


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