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Feature Friday

Apr 26, 2019

WIFA is proud to feature two lovely ladies that are doing great things. Read on to learn about WIFA members, the women behind Rising Goddess Fitness, Michelle Tenuta and Laurial Hides!

Michelle’s love of aerial fitness developed under circumstances not uncommon to many women. In 2008, while navigating through a divorce, she was looking for healthy outlets for her stress - something that could help her feel a little more grounded in a period that was personally challenging. Ironically, the very thing she picked to help “ground” herself did not actually involve being on the ground at all! With no prior dance experience, raised in a pretty conservative family and with a job in the corporate world, the last thing she expected was to find herself falling in love with aerial fitness! Because she took a leap of faith and stepped outside of her comfort zone, she grew into a more confident, empowered and self-aware person than she ever could have imagined. Aerial fitness has given her the strength to accept that while life outside the studio walls is uncontrollable, there is one thing she can control for certain. She can choose to find the good in even the most challenging of circumstances. As aerial fitness helps strengthen your body, feeds your soul and allows you to form amazing friendships, it is impossible not to experience phenomenal growth as an individual. From the moment Michelle first experienced the movement, it became her absolute passion to build a studio that would serve as an outlet for creative expression so that other women may experience the same personal growth that she did. She feels truly blessed to see her dream become a reality and receives tremendous pride from seeing her students flourish.

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A gymnastics coach and lover of movement, Laurial has always had a passion for artistic expression. After spending years working in the corporate world, she began searching for an outlet for her stress. Laurial found Rising Goddess Fitness and never looked back! The aerial world swept her off her feet. Not only did it physically challenge her, but it also brought her clarity and mindfulness. It gave her time, as an adult, to connect her movement to her her body and spirit. In 2014, Laurial excitedly accepted a position as the studio's manager and later moved into an ownership role. She absolutely loves being a part of such an empowering place. Being an owner of the studio is her passion and nothing brings her greater joy than seeing the studios' students achieve their goals.

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