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Women Working in the Fitness Industry, Survey is in...

fitness industry fundraiser press release Jun 17, 2022

WIFA (Women in Fitness Association) is aspiring to bring EVERY woman working in fitness and wellness, FREE access to career development, networking, and mentorship. We are calling on the industry to make this happen – Here is WHY.

According to the World Economic Forum, at the current pace, the fastest we can expect to close the gender gap in the most progressive countries is within 50 years. Some of us won’t live to see it and some of our kids will be middle aged by the time it happens. Covid shutdowns also struck a serious blow to women’s progress in the workplace as work was put on hold to care for our families slowing us down even more.

 We know from 2021 McKinsey Reports:

  • Only 21% of C-Suite Positions are held by women.
  • 4 out of 10 women have experienced discrimination in the workplace.
  • The gender pay gap is stuck at 16%.

The fitness & wellness industry is one of the youngest, most dynamic and disruptive sectors, don’t we want to lead the way?

In 2021/2022 the first surveys/studies about women working in the fitness/wellness industry came out with some interesting insights:

Rise (females in fitness collective in the UK) published a study ‘It Isn’t a Level Playing Field in the Fitness Industry’ that brought to light:

  • Less women have permanent contracts.
  • We earn significantly less than our male counterparts.
  • It's not confidence holding us back, we don't feel valued or able to find enough balance with life's demands to be successful in our careers.
  • We feel that there is gender bias and it does hold us back.
  • Mother's feel that they pay a career penalty for taking parental leave.
  • Lack of mentoring and coaching is one of the biggest career progression barriers cited by women.
  • More than half of women have experienced sexual harassment and bullying at work.

WIFA and SportAlliance completed a global survey exploring Gender Equity in the Fitness Sector that will be published this month.  Here are some of the key findings:

  • 85% of males surveyed do not feel like there is gender bias in their workplace.
  • Just 34% of men surveyed think that gender balance in leadership positions is important.
  • The majority of women feel like gender inequality holds them back at work.
  • Women in leadership feel like they had a harder time getting promoted because of their gender.

The time is now for women to have more success in the fitness and wellness sectors and WIFA is calling on the industry to make this happen with a yearly $1,000 USD donation. 

It’s a small contribution with a huge impact, click here to be a part of it!

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About WIFA

WIFA is the global non for profit organization supporting women in fitness and wellness.
We exist to champion one another to achieve our ultimate potential so that, together, we can create a diverse and inclusive future for our industry.  For more info
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