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Golden Rule

blog business fitness health instructor member member benefit member love members the women in fitness association wellness wifa women women in fitness women in fitness association women leaders women owned women supporting women women's health womeninfitnessassociation workout Jan 26, 2021

One golden rule: Treat your clients like human beings not like a paycheck.

If you don't mind, let me unpack this for a moment. I have worked with plenty of newbie trainers in my day. Some that I wish the never remember while others were some of the best in the business. My number one rule for all of the trainers that I ever worked with was treat your client like a human being. It goes along the lines of the golden rule, "treat others as you wish you be treated." 

As a trainer, you should be taking to the time to get to know the person sitting in front of you. I have told trainers time after time, imagine that you are on a first date that is going really really well. In that first date, you are curious about this person. You want to know all the information that makes them tick. Below are just a few examples of ways to dig deeper into potential clients goals. Not only will they be comfortable with you, you will feel even better programming for them. You will have WAY more information to better know how to make this experience enjoyable. It is all about the experience. 

Things like:

  • Previous experiences with other trainers
  • Current gym routines
  • Exercises they like and don't like
  • Fears they might have coming to a gym
  • Is this their first time asking for guidance from someone
  • Outside of surface goal (we will dig into this in a minute), what specifically about that goal is enticing for them
  • How committed are they to achieving this
  • How would it affect their life


A great experience will create consistency, dedication, motivation and so much more. Our goal should be to create the best experience for clients. We ultimately can make or break a gym experience for a member. Trust me, I have seen plenty of members potentially quit the gym because the trainer drove them away. They drove them away simply by how that member was treated. 

See I came to this golden rule for personal training when a member brought up this concept to me. I assumed this came naturally to trainers. But it doesn't. It make sense how a trainer can miss this concept. Anyway, back to that particular member. When I was a fitness manager, this member came to me after meeting with one of my trainers. She said that she felt the trainer didn't listen to her. She even gave him a second chance when he offered her a trial workout session. Even in that trial workout session, he gave her exercises that she, specifically, mentioned not liking. Yet, here we were. Finally, that trainer closed with bringing her to the office and pressing the issue of personal training. She exclaimed that she did not enjoy the workout. She even gave the trainer feedback. Yet, he still pressed the issue with buying training. Finally, I met with her. Talked through her goals. Then I went back to the trainer, asked about what he recalled her goals being. His response "weight loss, muscle definition and feel better." I asked why were those things important to her. He looked at me as if I had ten heads. UGH! 

In closing, before I get too fired up, TRAINERS! Hear me out! Treat members/ potential clients/ current clients or how every you categorize prospect as human beings. Be concerned about their goals, their health and their overall well being. You will get paid, I can promise you. The Lord provides in mysterious ways. Be blessed.


Author: Alexandra Chin