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Mom laying on her back on a yoga mat smiling and holding her toddler on her knees in the air.

Celebrate Mom ❤️

gift giving May 06, 2022

Mother’s Day is here and while some might say it’s a “Hallmark holiday”, there’s really never a bad day to celebrate mom, eh? 

We see you mom.
Mom’s to human children
 fur baby moms 
caregivers to the elderly moms
moms that aren’t moms and want to be moms nana‘s, grandma‘s, Gigi‘s 

all the moms.

Some moms like cards, some moms like massages, whatever you do, take the time to honor your mom.

Here’s a few idea to show her some love. 

For the last minute I forgot to get a gift and I don’t have time to go to the store kind of mom love…

an at home massage, facial, manicure and/or pedicure

Tight on cash? 

Send mom on a day away- send your mom out with no kids or responsibilities and a picnic lunch.

Seeking sentimental?

Flowers with meaning, look up the meaning of the flower and give a bouquet with purpose.

Show her you know her.

Her favorites, pick YOUR moms top 5 favs and get her a gift card bouquet

And no matter what, giving mom the gift of a “Do Whatever You Want Day” is always treasured.

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

❤️ Team WIFA