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My Home Workout System

Apr 21, 2020

Spoiler Alert: It’s really not so fancy!

We’re in a place where virtual and at-home workouts are our new reality and the topic of them always brings up two of my favorite questions:

  1. What type of equipment do you recommend?

  2. What do I actually do with the equipment once I get it?

And while it may seem like you need to order a full gym to make it work at home, the reality is you can create an entire workout experience with just a few pieces of equipment used in different ways (I’m all about saving you time and money, by the way), so roll with me here :).

Here are my home workout system essentials that I use everyday…and yes, what I actually use them for:

  • Booty Band: I love the band that I got from Katie’s Cake Bake Shop because it doesn’t roll up, won’t break, and fires up my glutes immediately. I use it above my knees for glute bridges, hip thrusts, squats, and deadlifts and around my ankles for walking lunges and squats. Another band I LOVE: The Glute Loop from Bret Contreras. These two bands I carry with me everywhere and they crush my glutes every time (in a good way!).

  • 2 sets of weights, one lighter, one heavier: I ordered a set of weights from Amazon as a trio so that I have different sizes so that I can keep my upper body work safe and not push my muscles too hard with heavyweights. The heavier weights I use for some upper body work like bicep curls, chest presses, and dumbbell swings and I’ll also use it in place of a ball for core work like Russian twists.

  • Gliders: Ok, hear me out here because every time I put these in front of my class, I hear nothing but groaning, lol!. Gliders are a great way of pushing you in all different areas and can be a nice compliment to weights or to use solo. You can use gliders for upper bodywork, core work with planks, or even to hit the lower body with reverse, side, and curtsy lunges. They can be a bit pricey so if you have paper plates or magazines at home, try using those instead. And listen, gliders are not easy (hence, the groaning) but effective so don’t shy away from grabbing a set.

  • Ankle weights: Ankle weights for everything, yall! You can put these on and complete your entire workout, burpees all the way to cool down, and I guarantee that not only will they make you sweat, they will also make your legs stronger. A lot of folks miss this in their home system and I personally think they are a game-changer for your workouts.

These are mine and I’ve included other optional equipment to try in my Amazon shop below:

Dynasti’s Amazon Shop Recommendations

Note that every listed are items that I do own and love but the above 4 are the ones I started with and would recommend if you grab nothing else. Want to see what some of the moves look like that I mentioned? Join me on my app to get workouts that you can use along with the equipment.

Author: Dynasti Hunt