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Press Release: Introducing WIFA VoX

Sep 30, 2021

WIFA is thrilled to announce the inaugural graduates of the WIFA Academies. WIFA is committed to providing programs and services to women all over the world to level up as professionals. In June 2021 WIFA launched their newest programs to the public, The Speakers Academy and Writers Academy. These programs are changing the game by ensuring women in the health and wellness space can feel confident and supported in their professional growth. 60 days of intense mentorship with an assortment of deliverables, our graduates are leaving the program with a full portfolio. WIFA is proud to publish the work of the academy graduates, via the WIFA VoX- The Voice of WIFA. Check out the graduate content here! 

WIFA’s COO and Program Creator, Jennifer Halsall-de Wit shares, “Even when the Academies were just an idea, we knew we had to make them a reality.  Being able to bring mentorship and skill development to Women in Fitness in such an effective, affordable way- that’s what WIFA is all about.”

WIFA has selected mentors who have incredible experience in both speaking and writing. Lori Patterson, WIFA Speaker Academy Mentor said, “When asked to be a mentor for the Speakers Academy there was no hesitation in my answer. I knew I had to be a part of a program that helps women share their passion, vision and mission with the world using their voice. Because THIS is how we change the world.”

Lisa Greenbaum, WIFA Writers Academy Mentor shares, “Telling our stories and sharing our expertise in the fitness and wellness space is a powerful way of connecting with our clients and fitness consumers. Being a mentor for these women to help build their confidence is a privilege. The more of us willing to be vulnerable by sharing our words will create the ripple of change we want to see in this industry.” 

The graduates of the program are giving these academies 5 stars!

Learn more about the Speakers Academy here!

Learn more about the Writers Academy here!