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Press Release: The WIFA LEAD Program Is Ready To Take On The World!

career development lead the women in fitness association wifa women in fitness Aug 12, 2021

[12 August 2021] We have a powerful mission at WIFA- We exist to champion one another to achieve our ultimate potential so that, together, we can create a diverse and inclusive future for our industry.

We are all put on this planet for a purpose. It’s our job to figure out what that is and light it up and lead our actions, so that we can create a bright future for our world.

We can change the world by creating an army of women who lead with their purpose- and are secure in who they are and what they are here to do.

We understand how important it is to create space for that never-ending work that needs to be done, so that we can all start and lead from our why every day.

That’s why we launched the WIFA LEAD program at the beginning of 2021. LEAD stands for Leadership through Elevation, Awareness and Discovery and that’s exactly what the program is all about.

Here’s how the LEAD program works:

13 weeks you, plus a partner and a community going on an  intensely supported personal deep-dive into who we are, why we are here and how we are going to make the biggest impact possible.

Sound big?  It's a completely transformational program that we recommend for everyone no matter the age, experience, background.

More than 150 WIFA Members have completed this program that is recognized as a CEU for ACE professionals.

With such overwhelming positive feed-back we are getting ready to open up registration to support even more women. (Check out what some of our participants have to say.)

We have had LEADers from all over the world take the program, which is amazing, and that sometimes is challenging to accommodate all of the time zones.

That’s one of the reasons why we are expanding the LEAD Coaching Team to serve our global audience. The LEAD Coaches are the guides for the participants throughout the whole program. 

We are pleased to introduce the full team of powerhouses that will be supporting the LEAD program:

Jennifer reflects on her LEAD experience over the past year: “The LEAD program has a life of its own!  Since we launched it every cohort has helped us to grow and improve the curriculum and experience.  We get so many stories about lives being shifted and aligned in powerful ways.  We have learned from course participants what the magical ingredients are for the program: 

  • Giving yourself permission to focus on and listen to yourself for 13 weeks is a game changer
  • Meeting other women and hearing that their stories and challenges aren’t so different from yours (regardless of where you are in the world or how long you’ve been on this planet) gives you comfort and comradery
  • Partner magic- the purpose work (when you are writing your why statement) you do with your LEAD partner is transformational.  You hold her space and stories and she yours- you become more than partners, you become friends for life. 

I am so honoured to be a part of this community and I am thrilled that we can offer this experience to even more women.

If you are interested in participating in the next round of LEAD, starting in October, claim your spot now! For a limited time only get $40 OFF before the price goes up. We promise you will thank yourself!