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Strengthen Your Connections for a Smoother Re-opening and Return to the “New Normal”

Jun 23, 2020

Over the last three months, we have had to face enormous changes in our industry and in our lives.
Now, and for a long time to come, we will continue to experience and participate in significant
transitions and transformations as we MO’ve forward towards a new definition of “normal”. Change is
inevitable and we can choose to move with it or be moved by it. Often, the challenge with change is the
fear and uncertainty that accompany it. So, how can you step into fear and be open, resilient, and
committed to strengthening and supporting the right vibe within your connections and community?
There is budding hope in our industry as restrictions begin to lift and clubs and boutiques begin to
reopen.  We must remember that, while we are and will likely continue practicing physical distancing for
an uncertain length of time to ensure safety and to lower the risk for the spread of this virus, nothing
can or will ever replace the physical and emotional connections that exist between people within a
What story will you tell people about your actions and experiences in this historical global pandemic?
What character will you play on this road to recovery and beyond?   I believe there are certain actions
we can take now that will assist us and our teams in preparing for our new normal and resuming our
work in our industry in a greater capacity.
First, take this time to run inventory and if required renovate or make the changes you need to ensure
you and your team, your reputation and your brand, and your business are ready for your return.
Naturally the first place where you will look to improve competency is in your physical brick’s and
mortar but here I am suggesting you look at your people; those who influence the ‘vibe’ of your team
and your reputation.  Ensure that your certifications and those of your trainers and instructors are up-
to-date. Encourage self-development or on-going personal and professional education that will prepare
you and your team for a healthy ‘bounce-back’ when your business re-opens.  Check with your training
and certification provider about liability insurance and music rights that will protect you and your
trainers and instructors who are delivering virtual training and workouts.  Stay updated on the official
guidelines and timelines in the regions of the world where you operate and make sure you, your team
and your business are ready for your comeback.
Next, nurture your communication skills and time with others. All of us have been glued to our devices
and have watched or listened to the news and media outlets far more than ever before. We are relying
on our political, media, spiritual, medical and fitness leaders to provide us with relevant, honest, and up-
to-date information and advice. Leaders who influence do so by being honest, transparent, authentic,
and consistent. You can never go wrong by over communicating especially during a time of
uncertainty. And taking time to communicate regularly and consistently with the members of your team
will show them that you care and will support them through the transitions that are coming.
Finally, remind yourself WHY you are leading. Leadership, in the euro-Greek language means “Path-
Finder”.   When you know WHY, the way will appear. Knowing and reminding yourself WHY will be your
compass and help keep you on the right path even if you are uncertain of where this path is taking you.
While it is okay to feel lost at times (we all do), knowing WHY you are here in this adventure called ‘life’
will pave the path forward for you, for your team and your community to follow you. Have a vision
based on your WHY and share that vision with those in your circle of influence to remind them WHY and
keep everyone MO’tivated and accountable to MO’ving forward.  You may have to re-imagine your

vision to fit within the characteristics of our “new normal” but getting clear on how your vision will fit
and realize your WHY will help create a constructive and committed vibe.
Live today the story you want to tell tomorrow. Put yourself in the role as leader and ask yourself “What
can I do to create a healthy ‘vibe’ for myself and others?” Act each day as if you have successfully led
your army through this war and you will create the connections for your community that will not only
make you proud but will also make any and all transitions in operations to the “new normal” a lot
smoother and more successful for yourself and everyone you serve.


Author: Maureen Hagan