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The Key to Having a Fly Social Media Presence in Fitness

free consultation social media the women in fitness association wifa partner women women in fitness association women owned womeninfitnessassociation Nov 12, 2019

Social media is a powerful force in any marketing plan. More than 3.48 billion people are on social media, and it continues to grow in popularity each year. As the 30 million dollar fitness industry continues to grow, how will your center set itself apart?

Check out our 6 social media fitness tips to get you started on your social media fitness journey.

  1. Create a monthly content calendar. Map out a plan in advance. Set up a meeting with your leaders and staff to discuss a monthly theme, events, programming, and other fitness features before the month begins. It helps your fitness center stay ahead and stay on the pulse of your overall goals.
  2. Post on-site content frequently. Your greatest features are what you have to offer to your members. Showcase posts of your amenities, fitness equipment, fitness packages and staff throughout each month to give your members and future members something to talk about.
  3. Use your stories to your advantage. Instagram stories are a social media gold mine! Not only can you post quick updates and fun member posts, but you can also repost your staff and fans’ stories. Learn more about how to get started with stories here.
  4. Share relevant health and wellness information. Be an industry leader by providing articles, fitness tips, and trends to your fans. It gives variety to your content and gives your fans something to share on their personal pages. Make sure your sources are credible and relevant to your specific fitness niche.
  5. Use digital ads to attract new members. As social media continues to grow in popularity, the capabilities of digital advertising grow right along with it. Facebook Ads allow you to selectively target, time, budget and promote advertisements on Facebook to prospective members. It is more specific with audience targeting capabilities and reporting. You can create a video, slideshow and/or single image ads within a Facebook ad campaign and turn ads on and off depending on performance levels.
  6. Pay to promote your key posts. Boosting posts is another effective means to get members to purchase ancillary services, promote personal training, or sign up for programs. If you put a few dollars behind a specific post, you can generate more post views and higher engagement rates with both members and non-members alike. To learn more about how to boost posts, click here.

Need help learning how to improve your fitness center’s social media presence? Book a free 30-min call with our Fly Pages Facebook or Instagram expert to help unleash your social