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The Secret Problem Most Women Share, and How To Solve It

Dec 18, 2018

Have you ever had a problem and thought you were the only one suffering?  What happens when you learn that 1 in 3 women suffer with you? You probably develop a sense of relief and acceptance, “well, it’s not just me, so it must be normal.” What about that saying we all tell our kids,” just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s ok.” This problem that creates embarrassment, fear, shame, avoidance, and disempowerment is very common but not okay.

This problem affecting so many women is incontinence.  This does not mean relegated to a diaper kind of incontinence.  Incontinence by definition means lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation.  ANY amount of leakage is considered incontinence. This includes all of you who pee just a little bit when you laugh or sneeze or exercise.   It’s time to get over the myth that it is okay to leak even a few drops of urine, ever. Not when we run. Not when we jump. Not ever.

The 3ACT Slide was created for movement.  Movement for rehabilitating an injury, achieving fitness goals, or excelling in a specific sport.  Incontinence is usually a muscular problem and muscular problems require a movement solution - Movement that is purposeful, planned, and multidirectional. The kind of movement that is powerful enough to change your life.  

Because we move in so many directions, our muscles need to be to trained in all directions.  The pelvic floor is no different. It is made up of a group of muscles that attach like a hammock from side to side, front to back, and some with a rotational component all within your pelvis. They create a bowl-like shape and are designed to support your pelvic organs, give you control over your bowel and bladder, help with sexual function, provide support during pregnancy, and work with the back and abdominals to support your spine. This group of muscles is designed to work like all other muscles in the body meaning they can be trained to contract and relax, get stronger or stretch.

The 3ACT Slide created a program that combines the understanding of this muscular design and how these muscles can be trained to do their job and stop you from peeing your pants.  Yes, even leaking a little is still peeing your pants.

 Kegal exercises are a common approach to training the pelvic floor. This isolated contraction of the pelvic floor is not the natural way we learned to develop bladder control.  After all, children don’t learn to potty train by performing kegels. In fact, Kegel’s only utilize a small portion of your pelvic floor muscles. The 3ACT Slide is helping women to regain control.

The slippery surface of the 3ACT Slide promotes pelvic motion in a variety of directions. This motion guarantees the surrounding musculature above and below the pelvis are working to most effectively and efficiently strengthen the pelvic floor.  

 Whether you like it or not, a woman's body is at risk to develop incontinence related symptoms.  Various factors related to anatomy, pregnancy, aging, and activity play a role in increasing incontinence risk.  This uncomfortable topic is often not reported to doctors, often ignored, and often thought of as normal. Women resort to spending time, money, and energy dealing with the symptoms instead of fixing the problem. Stop being part of this $19 billion, (yes, billion with a capital B) incontinence product industry. If you are ready to stop accepting the problem, 3ACT Slide has the solution.

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