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The Unfocused Brain

Sep 29, 2020

In this audio presentation, I talk openly and candidly about refocusing, rewiring and redefine myself. 

I was a distraction. I could be disruptive. I used to think this was the way it was always going to be.  I used to believe the labels that had been assigned to me through my life were who I was. My brain was like popcorn and would work at four million miles per hour. I really thought this was my identity and who I was. I had allowed myself to be defined by the labels and experiences, rather than using them to shape me. I believed I would never be good enough because ‘that’ was who I was, and you can’t change …. Or can you? Powered by a supercharged ADHD driven mind. I am sharing the motivation, inspiration and perspiration from the university of my life. 

Its time to make a difference.

Understanding the value of your time is vital to understanding the value of yourself. Through her own personal journey, Rachel Young is now leading the charge for others to make positive change.

I realised something about all these things I used to do... All the reading that I used to dip in and out of and all of the things that I put off because I said I didn't have the time – it's absolute rubbish. We all have the same amount of time. I didn't value it enough. 

When someone says they don't have the time for something, they're just choosing not to make the time; they don't value it. It's not important to them. I'm not criticising them for that, but it's how we choose to spend our time, 24 hours a day. What do we choose to focus on? What do we choose to tell ourselves? What beliefs do we choose to hang on to? Or can we look at them differently and change our perspective on them? 

Our experience shapes our beliefs.

I've learned that my motivation and my self talk actually came from a negative place. My motivation would be: “You've got to keep going. Everyone told you you're a failure. You'll never be good enough. No wonder you feel like quitting.”

I sadly lost my dad and my brother in a very short period of time. When in a challenging situation, I used to say: “Your brother would love to be rowing. Your brother would love to be running this extra mile, you do it for him. Don't quit.” That was such a negative hook to put on my motivation. 

The truth is that my brother would be laughing his ass off that I was getting my carcass out of bed to train. So you have to look at where your motivation comes from. I still get inspired by my dad and my brother, but not with a negative hook on it. We tell ourselves incredibly bizarre stories. We can experience similar situations to each other, but we put totally different meanings on them. 

Educate yourself about yourself.

I never thought I would be capable of learning and retaining. I've done over 200 hours of podcasts, read countless books,  taken accredited training courses, NLP practitioner courses, LinkedIn courses, motivation and presenting training, sales training, business development, emotional intelligence sessions; it's all happened during and since lockdown. I've chosen to change my mindset so that I am capable of developing this muscle that is my brain. That same amount of effort I put into my physical training, I'll put into my mental training. One bicep curl does not maketh guns. 

This is who I am right now. This is who I am and who I choose to be moving forward. So, yes, I've done all of those learnings and made my videos and I've grown during that time. But what I've really learned is who I am. I've learned what I'm worth. I know my beliefs, and I know that I am capable of great things. I'm just your average Joe. 

I've said this before. And I've said this on the journey through my sweaty ramblings or through my videos, which have now evolved into something that I've launched as Are You Supercharged. To me, that means two things... 

  • Are you running at a million miles an hour? Need some help to slow down or some support and direction? If so, I can help your guide your show you how to do this by sharing my experiences. 
  • Do you read 'Are you supercharged' and answer no, but I really would like to be? Then you too can take something from my learnings. 

I've done things that I never thought I'd do. I've put all of these ramblings and all of my learnings through this journey into a website. It's in a one stop shop. I've launched Are You Supercharged as a Facebook page, Instagram page, and just added different stories of my life and my experience of just the stuff that happens that will help to shape and develop you to be better leaders and better people. 

Never too late to make the change.

I was living on the hope that things would be better. In my website there are so many stories of my life lessons of addiction, of bad habits, of associating with bad people of negative beliefs; struggling with mental mental health, depression, anxiety... So many stories that I will share and have shared throughout my journey. 

The thing that's really clear is that I will never be the same person again. I now know that by sharing my stories, and my experiences with authenticity, not toeing the corporate line, but being truly transparent and authentic, I can and will have a dramatic impact on the lives of others around me. 

We have choices to make and we need to choose wisely. We need to choose how we spend our time, who we hang out with what we listen to. It's been an absolute privilege for me to be able to share my stories. It's been an eye opener, the way people have opened up to me and connected with me and shared their struggles and thanked me for being brave enough to open up. I'm ferociously committed, that this is who I am authentic, transparent and sharing my journey. I'm Rachel Young, and I'm here to make a difference.

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Listen to the full audio presentation here:
The Unfocused Brain

Author: Rachel Young