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WIFA Turns 5! We Want To Know...What's 𝘠𝘰𝘢𝘳 WIFA Why?

May 31, 2022

I can hardly believe that 5 years ago today we opened for membership and our global fitness industry responded. Women from all over the world joined so quickly, I remember sitting at my kitchen counter chatting with my husband and saying, “oh my gosh women from the world are joining”. 

Today we have thousands of members all over the globe, and I can truly say that our mission of supporting women in their careers is not only here to stay but we have demonstrated that we do just that. 

Together, we accelerate careers.

So many of our members have written books, been on podcasts, launched the business, gotten the promotion. YOU have accelerated your career way faster than you ever thought you could because somebody said, “hey, just apply”.

Thank you, members, and women in fitness, you are what make WIFA!

I am so grateful that every single day I get the opportunity to support us all globally. Thank you for this 5 years, we are just getting started.

My #WIFAwhy is to create a place where women can help women to succeed. Women sharing with each-other how to create new ways to work, new ways to manage their life so that they feel fulfilled. I'm curious...what's your #WIFAWhy?


WIFA Founder & CEO

Some #WIFAWhy copy for your social networks! πŸ‘‡

"As many of you know, I am a proud WIFA (The Women in Fitness Association) Member.
WIFA is the global non-profit for women in the fitness and wellness industry to network, find support and expand their careers. On June 1, she turns 5!
My #WIFAWhy is (your personal reason for joining).
Check WIFA out, and support us by donating to our advocacy work or joining us as a member.

#TogetherWeAreUnstoppable #WIFATurns5 #OneWomanStronger #WIFAWhy @WIFAssociation"