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WIFA- Women In Fitness Association
WIFA Waves Episode 6

WIFA Waves Episode 6

accelerate business executive leadership fitness fitness business joanna masloski podcast the women in fitness association wifa waves women in fitness women in fitness association women leaders womeninfitnessassociation Aug 14, 2020

This is a pre-recorded interview with WIFA Member, JoAnna Masloski by Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone. WIFA was supported by Two Fit Crazies in interviewing the Accelerate presenters amidst COVID-19.

In this episode we hear from JoAnna Masloski, Chief Operating Officer of Wellbridge. She speaks on executive leadership and how there is no one path to climbing the corporate ladder. JoAnna shares the importance of leading with purpose and passion and how to create results from that. She mentions that you must not only educate yourself, but make sure that you are applying what you learn into an action for your business. To be a truly successful business leader you have to get out of your comfort zone and continuously explore and be innovative.