It's a big reason why you joined right?  Join our Speaker Network so we can help find you gigs.  Get exposure and experience by contributing to the blog, tell your story on the WIFA Waves Podcast.  Want to do even more?  Apply to join our Global Ambassador Team.  You will find the links to all of the applications here, read on!


Do you ever feel like you need a peer to bounce ideas off of? Every month we offer a networking call where you can be paired with a WIFA member who is looking for the same thing. You’ll spend the next 30 days as accountability and strategy partners. Build your network, stay up to date on trends and get a safe and friendly extra set of eyes and ears on your goals and plans. 

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Hearing the stories from WIFA members lights us up.  Some of our guests have never been on a podcast before, others produce their own or are regulars on podcasts, webinars. No matter which camp you fall into, we love hearing your truths, spreading your purpose and celebrating your one, wild and beautiful life. Check out past episodes of the WIFA Waves 👉🏽here!

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Our Global Ambassador Team creates major impact across the world.  This group of powerhouses help WIFA spread her words and her wings to connect and empower women across the fitness sector.    We review accept and review applications for WIFA Global Ambassadors 3 times a year.  In order to be eligible we ask that you first become WIFA member for at least 3 months before applying.

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WIFA is always looking to promote aspiring speakers or to connect you with speaking opportunities that come via the WIFA network.  Apply to contribute to the WIFA Meetings, Retreat or to be included in our Speakers database so we can help you find speaking gigs.

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