June Member Meeting

Overcoming Perfectionism and Impostor Syndrome

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Get to Know What WIFA is All About

WIFA is a community of women like you that have taken the step and are building on each other's strength and wisdom. 

Making sure you feel supported, elevated and accelerated is what we do.  

We will help you make your calling a priority, to define your purpose, and create alignment.  

Supporting you making conscious choices around your time, your attention, and the people in your life.

We focus on what matters and prioritize your health, happiness and success.

Meet our Ambassadors, network and then enjoy a..

Bobbi Brown eye makeup tutorial it's gonna be glamazing!

Product purchase is not required, but if you would like to use the products Michele will be using in the demo you can get them here! Product must be ordered by May 13 to receive by event date.

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