I'm ready to grab the mic!🎤
Here's what you need to know about the program:
  • It is a 60-day, mentor-led, intensive-training-program available exclusively to WIFA members. 
  • You will create the keynote presentations (and be our keynote speakers)  for the upcoming WIFA Retreats.  You will be part of a small group of students that participate in this program.
  • WIFA will feature and promote you as a keynote presenter for the WIFA Retreat.  
  • You will be interviewed on the WIFA Waves podcast during the course to talk about your goals as a speaker.
  • You will work with your mentor to create a portfolio-worthy keynotes along with strategies to promote yourself as a speaker
  • Once you successfully complete this program, you will be included in WIFA’s preferred speaker list, and we will help you find speaking gigs.

Here's How it Works:

  • 60 days of hard work!
  • Every week  of the course you will have a deliverable to submit to your mentor for feedback.
  • You need to have 3 hours per week available to commit to the course in order to create the deliverables.
  • There is a supporting e-learning curriculum to support all assignments and briefings.
  • 5 mentor calls for feedback and to answer your questions.
  • Your passion and purpose put into action with your mentor and the WIFA community

When Does It Start

  • The Speakers Academy starts on October 11th and runs until December 13th 2021.   
  • This includes 1 onboarding week to get yourself organised before you have any deadlines.

Introducing Your Mentor

Lori Patterson is the CEO of VicteliB and the creator of Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC). Lori launched BCC in October 2001 with just 1 trainer.  Now the BCC family has grown to over 250 BCC licensees and trainers and the program is being launched in 21 states, woot!

Lori is a Master Trainer/Specialist for AFAA and an ACE faculty member and holds additional certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Wellcoaches.  Lori is also a National presenter at conferences such as Club Industry, the SCW Mania’s and DCAC.   Lori has shown her commitment to the fitness industry by training over 300 troops and cadre while serving in the U.S. Army, sharing her knowledge as a fitness expert with such media outlets as Fox 2 News and Livestrong, and creating the Boot Camp Challenge® app! Hoo-Aah!

What are you waiting for?

Step up, step out and let your light shine.  We got you!

Let's do this!