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Lead your pack with the premier platform for fitness instructors.The Struct Club debut iOS platform with Spotify and Apple Music is live on the App Store. Choreograph and run class without missing a beat-drop. Ideal for rhythmic workouts, and anyone done with playlist memorization or paper notes. We’re made to amplify your unique style and energy. We are for instructors, by instructors to serve our community.
Organization. Simplified. Struct Club helps you create and run music-inspired workouts. Like a boss.
Create Class - LET'S BEGIN!
Struct Club integrates with Spotify and Apple Music, allowing you to choreograph class. Add cues to your playlists: notes, intervals, intensity levels, technical cues, inspiring quotes, or reminders!
Run Class - IT'S GAME TIME!
Struct Club cues what to do, when, for the exact duration in-time with each song in your playlist. Worry less about “what’s next,” while staying on-point and focused on leading your pack.
Save time and scale your brand by repurposing Classes! Duplicate and edit prior Classes. Mix-and-match songs you've already choreographed. Swap out old songs you'd like to replace with fresh ones

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Building a Badass Boutique Masterclass

by Emma Barry

Let's lift your game in the new Experience Economy of fitness! 

Look forward to:

Case Studies from the World's Best Fitness Businesses

100 Page Workbook to Start Implementing Today

Top Tips from Industry Experts

Badass Bullets - Takeaways to put into Action Today

Community Support 

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Start Your Online Coaching Business

Stake Your Claim In The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry of Online Coaching


Be able to amplify your income, impact and create both lifestyle and financial FREEDOM so that you can be present for the moment that matters most in life by becoming an online coach. 


Lifetime Access to the video training vault designed to help you get the wheels spinning on how to turn your expertise into online income

Listen & Learn On The Go with downloadable audio files that you can listen to at your convenience

BONUS #1 Success Cheat Sheet step by step guide book with five provide money-making methods to take you from where you are to where you want to go

BONUS #2 Mindmap to help you breakdown the advantages and the disadvantages so that you can choose the perfect marketing method that's right for you

BONUS #3 Resource Guidebook with best practices for greater online coaching business success as well as a checklist to help you start your coaching business


a computer

a strong internet connection

a can DO attitude

Online Business Strategist, Molly Ann Luna is all about helping you successfully start your online coaching business with no start-capital, no tech know-how, and no email list. 

All you need to do is STEP UP and follow her lead. 

Ready, willing and able

Portia Boston Presents, Woke Wellbeing

Q: What is Woke Wellbeing?
A: A go-at-your-own-pace mini course designed to empower and hold accountable those committed to anti-racist living in all aspects of life. Reconnect and reclaim your wellbeing, free from diet culture and white supremacist patriarchal systems.

Q: Who is it for?

A: Anyone with a fitness or wellness practice who also desires a deeper connection and commitment to their social purpose and social justice. Great for fitness and wellness professionals and non-industry practitioners alike.

Q: Why should I do it?

A: When we are disconnected from our our social purpose, it is much more difficult to be truly well. And unless you are consistently and actively working to combat racism as a part of your way of life, you are taking part in the cycle of oppression.

BUT you can uncover your biases, increase your awareness and feel confident speaking up AND feel stronger, more empowered and more well in your own body at the same time. And this course can help with exactly that.

Tags: business development, leadership development, personal development, problem-solving, communications (DEI, anti-racism-- I know these aren't categories right now, but in case they were added later on).

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PocketSuite is an all-in-one business app for Women Fitness Professionals to get booked, paid, and message clients. We make it simpler to run your own business. Stay organized, look professional, and manage it all in one app. Try PocketSuite FREE for two months.  This opportunity is being brought to you by WIFA. 


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