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WIFA Waves Episode 39 | Jennifer Blackburn
WIFA Waves Episode 39 | Jennifer Blackburn Oct 29, 2021

On episode 39 of WIFA Waves, Jennifer and Morgan sit down with Jennifer Blackburn. Jennifer is a dynamic group fitness instructor, cycling coach and personal trainer. She holds multiple certifications including Schwinn, Stages, TRX, Bosu, NASM, ACE, AFAA & AAAI/ISMA. She is an...

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Ultimate Guide to Lululemon Dupes Nov 19, 2020

To make your holiday shopping easier, we put together a guide of some of our favorite Lululemon look alikes. As an Amazon affiliate, with your purchase, a portion of the proceeds go to WIFA! Below is a detailed list of WIFA’s favorite Lululemon dupes on Amazon.

Leggings ($25-$35)

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