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Why Are We Doing This?

To support the advancement of women’s careers in the industry, we are pleased to partner with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and invite ACE Certified Professionals to apply for a WIFA Scholarship Growth Grant. Each WIFA Growth Grant includes a 1-year WIFA membership. 

As the only global non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in the health and fitness industry, WIFA provides its members access to a global community, networking events, speaking opportunities and so much more.  

ACE is a nonprofit organization that works to improve physical-activity levels by certifying and supporting exercise professionals and health coaches around the world. ACE believes in success opportunities for women, and ACE’s support for WIFA and the WIFA Growth Grant is that value in action.  

Together, ACE and WIFA believe that when everyone feels included and respected, there will be more progress, innovation and success in the industry. 

 Included in Each Growth Grant

Each WIFA Growth Grant covers a 1-year WIFA membership, which includes benefits such as monthly career toolkits, peer mentorship pairing and discounts to WIFA events.  

WIFA Growth Grants applications will be reviewed by the WIFA Growth Grant Committee. Grant recipients are responsible for registering for their membership with the link provided in an email notifying them of their award. 


To be eligible for the WIFA Growth Grant you must meet the following criteria:

1.  Hold a current ACE Certification at the time of the award

2. Be or identify as a woman.

3. Complete an application below (one per person.)


Growth Grant Application


Selection Criteria

The WIFA Growth Grant Committee will review all eligible applications. The committee will prioritize applicants who meet requirements and whom they believe have demonstrated: 

  1. A vision of the positive impact they want to make in the fitness industry. 
  2. Explanation of challenges they are facing in their fitness career. 
  3. Understanding about WIFA and how a WIFA membership would support them. 
  4. Past experience in a mentorship program, either as the mentor or mentee.
  5. A history and/or commitment to advocacy work in favor of women’s issues. 


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