Are you ready to put your passion and purpose into action?

The WIFA Writer's Academy is a 60-day, intensive-training-program that will help you define your goals, and improve your skills as a writer.

With fellow scholars, you will work with a mentor to create a series of blogs, an editorial, and strategies to promote yourself as a writer.

BONUS: This course comes along with 2 ACE CEC's!

The next cohort begins February 11, 2024. Space is limited. Reserve your spot!

Grabbing My Pen!

WIFA has partnered with Women's Health Magazine to give graduates the opportunity to put their best piece of work forward, and WIFA will submit Women's Health Magazine on their behalf. Pieces will be viewed by the Executive Editor herself for the chance to be featured on their platforms.

  • It is a 60-day, mentor-led, intensive-training-program available exclusively to WIFA members. 
  • You will create the articles and editorials (and be our exclusive, featured authors) for WIFA VOX. You will be part of a small group of students that participate in this program.
  • You will be interviewed on the WIFA Waves podcast during the course to talk about your goals as a writer.
  • You will work with your mentor to create a series of blogs and an editorial along with strategies to promote yourself as a writer
  • Once you successfully complete this program, you will be included in WIFA’s preferred authors list, and we will help you find writing gigs.
  • Did we mentions the Writer's Academy course comes along with 2 ACE CECs?!
  • 60 days (9 weeks) of hard work!
  • Every week  of the course you will have a deliverable to submit to your mentor for feedback.
  • You need to have 3 hours per week available to commit to the course in order to create the deliverables.
  • There is a supporting e-learning curriculum to support all assignments and briefings.
  • 4 mentor calls for feedback and to answer your questions.
  • Your passion and purpose put into action with your mentor and the WIFA community


I'm all in!

February 11 - April 19, 2024

All WIFA courses include an onboarding week to get yourself organized before you have any deadlines.

Lisa Greenbaum

Founder & Sangha Wellness Retreats Yoga Therapist, Educator, and Writer.

Growing up a competitive dancer taught me very early on the importance of movement for my physical health but more importantly my mental health. When my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2009, I had also begun the process of deepening my studies as a Yoga teacher which was a lifeline for me through this difficult time. However, it was a moment in 2016 when I truly experienced the profound effects of Yoga for healing. A moment that both changed me and shifted my teachings in a powerful way. Read her full story here.


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