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F-Words Episode 1 | Food

eating disorders food for women by women global podcast the women in fitness association wifa global wifa waves wifa waves podcast wifa women women empowering women women in fitness women in fitness association Aug 06, 2021

The Women in Fitness Association is proud to bring you The F-Words Podcast! The Taboo stops here, let’s tackle the tough issues together. We discuss topics like Family, Facelift and Fillers.

On episode 1 of F-Words, Lindsey Rainwater, Jennifer Halsall, Jill Bunny and Kristen Crowley discuss Food and the normalization of disordered eating among fitness professionals and women in general. They each share their own stories around food starting as early as childhood and their journeys and growth through adulthood, pregnancy and more.

Tune in to the full episode for all this and more!

Learn more about Jill Bunny, Kristen Crowley and their business, Reframe Your Biz.

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