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How to Shift Your Mindset When Entering a Fitness Space

edi wellness Apr 06, 2023

Do you ever feel like people are staring at you in the gym? I've been there! There are two ways my mind always goes when I’m the big girl in a fitness setting. The obvious “I’m the only one” and that can take us to a negative space that doesn't allow us to be authentically us in that space. Sometimes I used to try and take up as little space as possible. 

But then there is this other mindset that I’ve been adopting and that’s “I am worthy and respected in this space. I am deserving of the same workouts as other bodies in this space.” There is so much power in showing up to do something everyone in that room, yourself included, is entitled to do. We have the privilege to move, to breathe, to feel. Recite the affirmations above before entering a space and remind yourself that everyone there is worthy of movement. You can even make a fierce playlist that encourages you to take up the space you paid for. And most importantly, thank yourself afterwards for taking the time to move your body.

"For Me" Challenge:

I challenge you to sign up for the class you’ve been dying to take. Forward this email to a friend event and go together as a challenge! 

You got this babe. 


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