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Woman meditating to achieve balance for her wellbeing

Why Finding Balance Is Critical For Your Wellbeing!

mental health Aug 23, 2022

By Shera Strange

We seem to underestimate how much maintaining balance contributes to living life successfully and productively. Finding balance helps you lead a happy and contented life; it ensures your growth as an individual and secures your mental peace and wellbeing. Finding balance enables you to dream bigger, and by maintaining a healthy balance, you confirm your future.

There are a few areas where not having is critical:

  • Being out of balance at work
  • Being out of balance with our sleep
  • Being Out of balance with our eating habits
  • Being out of balance with our relationships 

Also, focusing too much on any part adds up and can lead to health problems in the overlooked area. For instance, if you are exercising too much (hard to imagine) and do not take time to rest and recover, you would injure yourself. If you read or do excessive mental work, your body would lack proper circulation and fitness level. If you invest a lot of time meditating or relaxing, your brain waves slow down, and you may be without mental sharpness. Whenever you overdo it in any facet of your life, you lose perspective and, most importantly, balance. Aristotle said: “Moderation in all things.”

Many of us (I admit to struggling at this) neglect to set aside any time just for ourselves. We are so busy taking care of everything and everybody around us that we forget about ourselves all together. My favorite and quickest way to create balance is to take a little time to meditate or reflect each day all by myself. Try sitting and clearing your mind with silence is critical. Doing this somewhere beautiful and peaceful would be ideal, but anywhere quiet will work-hell that might be in the car, the bathroom, or the closet. Allow your mind to think about all of the beauty around you in this world, think about all of your blessings, or think about absolutely nothing at all, become at peace. Take a deep breath, get up and be filled with gratitude, and find that balance. 

Something happens when you can step away from the craziness and listen to the silence. This can help you make better decisions, gain perspective, gain a sense of calm, and see the big picture- again. You can see the entire map of where you are going and appreciate the distance you have come and see how far you still want to go. Taking time for balance and taking time to smell the flowers is a significant part of being the best person you can be.

Finding balance is a form of exercise in self-awareness and knowing where you are in life.

All of us need to understand and recognize the importance of having balance in our lives. So set goals for yourself on time you will spend doing quality things with your family, and set goals for yourself on time you will spend productively at work. And don’t forget that you need to set a goal for the time you spend just for yourself.

There are so many things we should balance in life, and this is just the start. So let’s continue to work on finding the right balance for a great life.

About the author: Shera helps men and women with a unique approach to improve their quality of life by becoming physically and emotionally fit with exercise, motivation, accountability and direction. 

Strange Fitness is Health Coaching, Personal Training, and a Group Fitness Blog and a supportive environment. Shera believes in providing you with thought-provoking information, and ideas, as it pertains to health, fitness & exercise for the mind, body, and soul for everybody and everyone, is welcome!

She offers health coaching, personal training, and group fitness classes at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition workshops, signature talks, and free consultations.

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