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4 Steps to Landing Your 1st Speaking Gig at a National Fitness Conference

career development wifa vox Jul 19, 2022

Melissa Merkle is on a mission to connect with women in the fitness and wellness industry and help them grow their careers and businesses beyond their wildest dreams.  She’s currently the Director of Partnerships and Business Development at Muscle Mix Music, coming to the position with more than 20 years in the fitness industry.  Prior to joining Muscle Mix, Melissa worked with NPC and IFBB fitness competitors and later co-founded and served as CEO of Boomers N Motion, a senior fitness brand.  As a multi-passionate health and fitness leader, Melissa has worked in various sectors of the industry and continues to offer online health coaching programs to individuals and businesses.  She is certified as an ACE Personal Trainer and Health Coach and is an active member of WIFA.