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WIFA Welcomes 5 New Global Ambassadors

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The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) is thrilled to welcome 5 powerhouse women to the Ambassador team. These women represent regions from all over the world and are working to make big changes in the fitness and wellness industry. Meet the newest Ambassadors: Saly, Kirsty, Rachel, Katrina, and Michelle!


Saly Marone Diallo 

My name is Saly Marone, I am French of African Origin and live now for 23 years in the Netherlands. I am the mother of 2 daughters and lately the grandma of a 10 months old little baby girl. I also have a wonderful husband who supports and encourages me to do whatever I want to do, whether in my private life or in my professional life.

I have been working in the fitness industry for 21 years now. I have worked on different positions starting as a host, receptionist, Customer Relation Manager, Club General Manager and Cluster Manager but there was one thing that I absolutely wanted, it was more knowledge of the fitness product. I followed the LAPT training for personal trainers and learned how to give group classes. I am very happy with these achievements! Even if I have never worked as a personal trainer, I do give group classes from time to time and love to help our members stay fit. 

Currently I work for Basic-Fit, the largest fitness Operator in Europe. As International Training Specialist I am part of the "Training and Development" department and take care of the trainings of our managers in the clubs. I  create learning content and tools based on the needs of our employees in the 5 countries where we operate. The trainings that I give are often related to the “Customer Service “ topic but I also give trainings on other important topics for the management of our clubs. I am very happy to do this job and going to work and connecting with others is a real pleasure every day.


Kirsty Angove

With a decade of experience across brand building and marketing, predominantly in the fitness sector, including seven years with Nuffield Health, Kirsty is adept in executing digital transformation and highly skilled at creating brand value and driving results across multi-site brands. She has been Chief Marketing Officer for global boutique fitness franchise, TRIB3, since 2019. She is passionate about creating kind workplaces and supporting more female leaders to progress with confidence.


Rachel Young

I am the Director of Business Development for Myzone (EMEA). I have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry, an industry I am very passionate about and committed too. As a gay woman, I have seen my share of discriminatory attitudes and behaviours, and have experienced gender inequality. I am the Vice-Chair of EuropeActive’s advisory group for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, who is dedicated to drive positive change across the European fitness and physical activity sector. I believe I was put on this planet to get people moving, both physically and mentally, and to change people’s lives. I am ferociously committed to pushing the sector to become more inclusive, both within the workforce and among our consumers and communities. We can’t change history, but we can learn from it; we are the people business and it’s time to put people first, all of them.


Katrina Pilkington

Katrina is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist, Health and Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Wellness Educator also studying to complete her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion to focus on issues related to Health Equity. She holds a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University and the University of South Florida. She also has an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design and is a content creator and host of various video series online.

Katrina is a global wellness educator bridging gaps with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through coaching as an adaptable champion of change. Her goal is to lead her community by example and relatability to shift the culture in wellness to be one of belonging and accessible means. Her goal is to use her experience coaching and mentoring to lead her community by example and use relatability to shift the culture in wellness to be one of belonging and accessible means for those who are the most underrepresented and marginalized. Katrina has a passion for working with others to find their deep meaning to take care of themselves inside and out to the best of their ability using the means they have access to.


Michelle Leachman, M.S. 

Michelle is determined to move others towards discovery through inspiration, education and motivation. She is an aspiring author in the framework of medical practices, a public speaker and movement focused business professional. She earned her multiple degrees in Human Movement Performance-Exercise Science and Journalism. She is the oversight of the Department of Professional Education for the American Council on Exercise. She serves as a an Ambassador for the Women in Fitness Association and FitBodies. She is a Master Coach for CORE Health and Fitness and teaches at various gyms such as Equinox and EoS. In her free time, Michelle can be found somewhere outside engaging in just about anything active. She enjoys hiking, disc golf and anything with a touch of competition.


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