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Living a Purposeful Life

self discovery wifa vox Jul 06, 2022

Living a Purposeful Life by Kara Flowers

We often live life according to society's values or the values of our family and friends. How do you move from what you think you should be doing to doing what you want to do? How do you live life not only with purpose but on purpose?

I am sure you have asked the question, “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” The truth is you are always on a journey to becoming. However, knowing your purpose brings you joy. It aligns with your dreams, your goals, and your values. Finding your purpose requires you to look inward. What brings about joy, what do you love? To realize this, reflect on what matters most. Try making a list of what is most important to you and what is least important to you. The value put on something increases our willingness to obtain it. The value is a part of our core beliefs which guides our behaviors and goals. The things that are important to you show up in the way we live and work. This can be the path to making better choices leading to fulfilling your purpose. Empowering you to push past the hard things.

Once you have established your purpose you can begin to visualize the life you want to live. You will have an emotional connection, motivating you to act and use the tools and resources to empower you to move forward. Here is when you can see it becoming a reality and set the necessary steps in place to achieve the goal. First, write out what you want in detail and even consider the challenges you may face. You can create a vision board, listen to guided meditation, or expose yourself to things related to your goal. You can see beyond your imagination because you are in tune with your purpose. This is your experience, and you have a choice to expand your awareness. Second, develop a plan to achieve your goals. We are all unique individuals and have specific talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Taking an assessment to help determine those will help set you up for success. Getting input from people who know you well may help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses which you do not see in yourself.

Finally, commitment and accountability. We must be intentional about acting. Now that you understand the purpose, you can create a plan to work towards the goal. Change can be challenging but you cannot have what you are not willing to become. Your accountability is just as important as the commitment. You may consider having a peer or co-worker, someone you trust to help hold you accountable. Share your goals and deadlines with them, let them know what the purpose is and how it is going to impact your life or possibly someone else’s.

Do what you have set out to do and stick to the plan, we grow where we are planted. Have you ever had a gut feeling? That is your intuition and that is when you begin to connect to your inner self. Let go of fear and focus on the potential, life will begin to unfold.