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5 Daily Self-Care Habits For Midlife Women

self care wifa vox women's health Jul 19, 2022

Carol Covino is the CEO of Covino Fitness and the creator of the Fit and Fierce Program for
women over 40. She hosts the weekly podcast, Forever Fit with Carol Covino. She is a certified
personal trainer, fitness nutrition expert, and menopause fitness specialist.

Carol began her career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She later opened her
fitness studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At age 50 she experienced her own transformation
from skinny marathon runner to national bodybuilding competitor. Soon women began asking
Carol to help them reach their fitness goals. Over the past decade she has helped thousands of
women gain strength and confidence. 

At age 61, Carol is committed to helping women in peri menopause and menopause gain lean
muscle and balance hormones naturally through nutrition and exercise. She wants to globally
change the perception of age and menopause for women.