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In 1988, Denise Imbesi, the woman behind the music, a DJ and instructor, saw a need for pre-mixed compilations. Instructors were still using record players to mix music and record it on cassette for their classes and individual training sessions, and if the tape broke it was back to square one to produce a new one. CD technology made things easier, but the beats and tempos were not always right for various forms of exercise.Muscle Mixes Music was a breakthrough. In the two decades since its inception, Muscle Mixes Music has created thousands of high-quality fitness mixes used by instructors, trainers and individuals worldwide.

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 With over 25 years’ progressive experience in the Health Club industry, I leverage my record of double-digit growth, multimillion-dollar sales, and record-setting launches, to champion the success of both emerging and established brands in the highly-competitive, health and fitness space. Currently, I’m a proud Partner of the 360 Impact Group, where I deliver comprehensive strategic planning, recruitment services, management coaching, employee training, climate surveys, mystery shopping, sales and marketing services, and human resources support. I provide clients with my key industry insights and proven, personal business approach:     

Decisive, all-in execution of launch and marketing plans:
• Generated record-setting presales of 1,500 individual and corporate memberships.
• Catalyzed 15% increase in club revenues – compelling “I Belong” marketing campaign
• Opened 13 new locations in 6 countries, in just 3 years.

Identifying lucrative business gaps and opportunities:
• Deployed strategic retention program – lifted renewals by 85%.
• Penetrated previously untapped corporate market – delivered $10M per year.

Inspiring a company-wide culture of brand champions:
• Developed robust training programs that deliver multimillion-dollar results.

My practical experience is complemented by: Contributor to Fitness Business Canada Magazine since 2012 and former member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association (1990 – 2010). I’m always looking to connect with Health and Fitness industry executives and future leaders; contact me here or by email at: [email protected]

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