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Fitness Tech Survey

blog career night fitness tech technology the women in fitness association wifa women in fitness association womeninfitnessassociation Feb 19, 2019

In light of this week's career night, "Women in Tech" our friend Dr. Ted Vickey has created a survey to learn more about technology in fitness. Please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey linked below.

Some suggest that one of the causes of our obesity challenge is the increase use of technology.  No longer do we walk down the street, we take an Uber.  No longer do we walk in malls, we order from Amazon.  While it may be true, I believe that there can be an effective use of technology to help combat the obesity crisis.  But to do so, we need to know how we as an industry are already using technology.

I created Fitness Tech survey as an academic venture to study how fitness, wellness and health professionals use technology personally and within their business.  How many are using an iPhone personally but shy away from using the same technology within their personal training business.  Do trainers create their own websites or do they find help?  These are just two of the questions asked so we can have a much deeper understanding of the use of technology in the fitness space.

Would you take a moment to complete the survey?  I thank you in advance.


Yours in Health

 Dr Ted Vickey

Point Loma University