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5 Female Led Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss!

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I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with listening to podcasts.I have recently been binging different series that are lead by badass, female entrepreneurs. I love hearing from women who are living an authentic life, while also highlighting other notable stories, from women around the world. If podcasts are your jam, these are five must-haves in your library. 

1. Harvard Business Review, Women at Work

Hosts, Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Nicole Torres do a great job of speaking to their own experiences and bringing in professionals on hot topics like parental leave, burnout, and the gender pay gap. One of my favorite episodes is, “Sorry Not Sorry.” They speak with a psychology professor about the facts around women apologizing more than men, in the workspace. I know what you are probably thinking, I don’t need a psychologist to tell me that, but it was very interesting to learn the science behind the word sorry and other minimizing language women use on the job. They then offer other words and phrases to use instead of, sorry, which I appreciated and took straight into action.

2. Second Life 

Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear leads Second Life Podcast. She speaks to women of all walks of life, about career changes, that they have personal experienced. Second LIfe Podcast, has an incredible library of interviews full of gems that will stay with you for years to come. My personal favorite episode is, “Reshma Saujani: Girls Who Code Founder & CEO, Author, and Activist.” Reshma went from being a successful attorney in New York to taking a risk and creating the nonprofit, “Girls Who Code.” I was so inspired by her tenacity and confidence in making that move. Girls Who Code has now educated over 200,000 girls in coding and software development to fulfill its mission of closing the gender gap in technology. So awesome!

3.Biz Chix

Host Natalie Eckdahl, coaches high performing women. Natalie helps women entrepreneurs own their role as CEO’s through her business trainings, on air coaching calls and expert interviews. I really appreciate the numerous women that Natalie has interviewed on her podcast. Every episode truly is a mini coaching session. I find myself taking physical notes while listening. One of my favorite episodes is, “How to Step Into Thought Leadership with Carmen Landrau.” Carmen Landrau was a cardiologist who decide to change careers and become a professional speaker. Carmen speaks about what it means to be a thought leader and encourages women to recognize their confidence and talents. She shares how she dealt with imposter syndrome and how hard she worked on her mindset in order to establish herself as a speaker. 

4.Secrets of Wealthy Women 

Now, I have to admit to me being “wealthy” is not something that appeals to me. I am the type of person that wants to do good, but it is an incredible misconception that just because want to “do good” means that you don’t make money. This podcast highlights several women who are wealthy AND have a purpose to give back. An interesting episode is, “Success and Philanthropy: The Secret to Giving Back.” You hear from two women who have built a successful life as well as being an activist in many ways. The host asks every woman on the show what their, “money secret” is, which has provided me several takeaways.

5. Swich, Pivot, or Quit 

Ahyiana Angel, host and creator of Switch, Pivot, or Quit went from being a sports entertainment publicist to an author. Ahyiana shares her insight while also interviewing seasoned professionals who provide clarity, practical tactics and help. Again, I have taken so much away from listening to these women. Not only improving my professional life, but also my personal life. I recently listened to the episode, “Live Your Life On Purpose with Jovian Zayne” I really enjoyed hearing from Jovian, a consultant and founder of The OnPurpose Movement®. She has an incredible story of how she went from working for Teach For America to navigating the world of entrepreneurship and how it has shaped her. Jovian literally made me stop in my tracts when she said, “how and when is fear making a decision for you.” I think it is something that we all should stop and think about. 

Now get to listening! Start with any of these 5, I promise you will not be disappointed. There are hundreds of episodes within these five series. My obsession with women led podcasts continues, I will make sure to update you all on what I discover. Happy podcasting!

With Love,

Morgan Hills-Adetoye 

[email protected]