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WIFA- Women In Fitness Association
WIFA Waves Episode 32 | Adia Callahan

WIFA Waves Episode 32 | Adia Callahan

Jul 23, 2021

On episode 32 of WIFA Waves, Lindsey and Jennifer talk motherhood and work/life balance with Adia Callahan.

Adia exists to empower and support others, specifically black women in finding the freedom to pursue their health and wellness goals. She is the founder and owner of See Me Wellness, as well as a full-time wellness and Pilates instructor in the Seattle, Washington area. She is also a WIFA ambassador!

Adia shares the challenges she faced in the work place when she became a mother, how she overcame them and what she hopes to see change for working mothers.

Listen to the full episode for all this and more!

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Instagram: @seemewellness

Full transcript available upon request.

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