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WIFA Waves Episode 20

WIFA Waves Episode 20

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On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Alechia Reese. Alechia is equal parts warm tea and Hennessy. Strategist, Author & Founder, she’s the principal for 360 Gateway Brands and RGLP Group, LLC, and the co-founder of Tru3 Yoga Agency. Through transformative remote learning and development programs, she helps executives and professionals get “unstuck” through massive, but strategic action building authentic growth-focused connections leveraging the power of relationships and personal value. As a strategist, Alechia specializes in the creation of comprehensive go-to-market launch strategies, and creative reputation management plans for new and emerging products, services, events, and campaigns. And as the co-founder of Tru3 Yoga Agency, she provides a proven blueprint for wellness professionals to transform their brands into profitable businesses. 

The author of the award-winning book, Eating Elephants and The Relationship Game, Alechia is the recipient of the Woman of Power award presented by Bank of America and NABA NYC. She transformed her life from domestic violence victim to thriver building multiple lucrative brands. She’s worked with and spoken for a myriad of organizations from the entertainment stage to the corporate boardroom including UPS, Verizon, Bank of America, Vogue Italia, Essence, Buzzfeed, and more

Lindsey and Morgan learn about Alechia's extensive career as well as her and Dr. Sanaa's new venture Tru3 Yoga Agency. Alechia shares some highlights from the January WIFA Member Meeting on how to source from your own skills and create products and solutions. She also shares some gems from her upcoming WIFA Retreat presentation. Tax benefits, KPI creation, and target market activities, are just a couple things you will be learning from her. Make sure to listen to this episode to get a taste of what you will be hearing by registering for the WIFA Retreat.

Get in touch with Alechia:

Social handles: @alechiareese