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The Future Is HERE! 2019 Promises More Tech and a Whole Lot of Innovation!

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As I'm standing in a small room at 432 House(an innovative fitness concept) in midtown Manhattan getting strapped into a wet down compression suit and connected to an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machine ready to send surges of electricity throughout my body during my workout, I knew I entered the future of fitness!

It was exciting to see and experience what is happing within the fitness space and who's adopting the newest technology and techniques, bringing it to the forefront for all of us fitness fanatics to encounter. My "celebrity trainer" Josh Holland promised me (as I was doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers with electrodes attached to all of my major muscle groups) that this EMS Training System (through Systimfit) made my 20 minute workout equal more of a 6 hour workout as my muscles were contracting up to 36,000 times with those extra zaps of electricity!

After my slightly uncomfortable but exhilarating session with Josh, I wanted to research other workouts that include the EMS technology. One place I read about in Club Business International was a studio in Miami called IMPULSE that offers small group fitness classes with everyone suited up! Just 25 minutes of their group fitness session with the integration of EMS equals a 2 hour workout. As their tagline boasts - the future of fitness has arrived!

One thing we hinted upon in our grateful glance back, is the rise of classes and workouts that build bodies mindfully without a lot of impact. As HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes were the biggest trend in 2018 a lower intensity option is coming to the forefront. Think foam rollers, bands, low impact cardio, mindful movement, body weight training and STRETCHING. One leader in the "low impact training" space is (as the description fits) LIT Method with both studio and on-demand classes.

Wearable technology is back on top again as one of the biggest fitness trends moving into 2019. Why? A wide variety of wearables in all different price points are now offering more accurate data and the playing field is starting to level. As we've blogged before, these fitness trackers are now the new normal, becoming an integral part of not only our workouts but our lives! We want and crave the data to track our workout progressions, give us reminders, measure our heart rate and sleep patterns, as well as gamify our workouts. It's now fun and easy to track effort and compete with our fellow warriors in class or in small group trainings. This friendly competition not only motivates us, but also helps creates community!

Speaking of community! Group Fitness is the number two fitness trend of 2019 (according to a poll taken by the Washington Post). I spoke in detail about the POWER of Group Fitness in a recent podcast. Being part of a motivational tribe with a world-class instructor at the helm who leads with heart-pounding motivation and passion is a powerful place to be! One of the biggest drivers for the uptick in Group Fitness and the higher level of programming and instruction is the rise of the boutique studio space. Larger health clubs and gyms are now seeing the need to level up and offer more high caliber classes and experiences. We at SoulBody saw this trend years ago and created our SoulBody "boutique style" programming for these larger clubs to help them not only compete with the studio concepts, but win! Click HERE to listen to my podcast with Chantal Broderick of the Fitness Business Podcast to hear more about the moment Group Fitness is having and the rise of the rockstar instructor.

Older adult and kid fitness programs are also seeing a surge. We are seeing innovative and specific programming, classes and training systems to meet people where they are. Fitness is getting smarter by the minute not only with technology but with inventive and creative movements, props, and a mix of modalities to not only strengthen bodies of all ages, but motivate people to move, change and live longer, healthier and more functional lives.

Any other trends you are seeing or have experienced? Send us a note!! We'd love to hear from you!

In Good Health,
Ann Marie

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