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Text Message Marketing for Your Fitness  Business 

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With most people glued to their phones, today’s customer expects instant communication.  If you’re not there for them 24/7, you risk losing them to a competitor. The solution for  your fitness studio is real-time, direct communication with two-way text message  marketing—also known as SMS (short message service) marketing.  

From appointment reminders to business updates to exclusive offers, a simple text  message is the fastest way to reach your audience. According to OpenMarket, 60% of  millennials prefer two-way text messaging with businesses due to convenience, speed of  communication, and how easy it is to use. SMS marketing is a key tool for engaging and  retaining more clients. Here are four ways to grow your fitness business with text message  marketing.  

  1. Engage and keep the message personal 

Think of clients as friends. Two-way text messaging prompts instant conversation and  helps build a stronger relationship between your fitness studio and clients. According to  Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after engaging in a  personalized experience with a company, like a text message. 

So how can you engage a client with a personal text message? For starters, always address  your client by their name— that alone will show them you care. Remember, keep the  message short and sweet: send them a class reminder, wish them happy birthday, and  reach out whenever they’ve hit a big milestone at your business.  

  1. Promote your services with limited-time offers 

Everyone perks up when they hear about a sale, and text message marketing is the best  way to keep clients in the know. In fact, 75% of consumers love seeing texts with special  offers, coupons, or discounts delivered straight to their phones. 

Hearing a text message chime instills a sense of urgency and leads clients to read it  immediately, with 83% of millennials opening it within 90 seconds. That means more eyes  are on your message, which is perfect when sending out a time-sensitive exclusive offer. 

Remember clients are more likely to purchase from you if you put a deadline on a deal. If  clients see your limited-time flash sale on branded apparel and new classes expires at  midnight, then BAM, your products or services are sold out the next day. 

  1. Build loyalty to retain clients 

Retaining fitness clients is no easy task—60% of members cancel their subscription within six months of signing up for a new exercise program. The good news is that by increasing  client retention rate efforts by just 5%, you increase profits by 25-95%.  

Sending text messages with links to motivational videos or nutritional articles is a simple  and yet effective addition to your retention strategy that engages clients and reduces client  turnover. You can also text members info about your loyalty rewards program, which  allows them to earn prizes whenever they refer a friend. That way when you send a text to  remind clients to renew or upgrade their membership, you’ll gain more members!  

  1. Ask for client reviews 

Client reviews are essential to boosting your search ranking and attracting leads for your  business. According to a survey by Podium, 93% of consumers claim that online reviews  even impact their purchasing decisions.  

With 79% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations  from friends, you should be trying to get more positive reviews by requesting feedback  from your happy clients with your next text message marketing campaign.  

Grow your business with text marketing 

With many consumers preferring to communicate through two-way text messaging, this  form of marketing is quickly becoming the fastest way to reach your audience.  

With WellnessLiving’s two-way text messaging feature and Message Center,  communicating with your clients and leads has never been easier. Message Center allows  you to send custom text messages and engage in full end-to-end two-way SMS  conversations, resulting in more conversions, improved retention rates, and a better client  experience.  

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