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Congrats to Alignment Essentials!

May 21, 2019

The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) is thrilled to share that Alignment Essentials, a health & wellness company co-founded by two WIFA members, has won two nation-wide awards as part of National Fitness Day, which took place on May 4 of this year. 

The company itself, Alignment Essentials, won ORGANIZATION HELPING AMERICA GET HEALTHIER, and their branded format, Warrior® Workouts won AMERICA'S FAVORITE WAY TO SWEAT! 

This is a huge achievement and we are proud that WIFA members, Jani Roberts and Sabrina Ursaner are representing America's favorite way to sweat and the company helping America get healthier at a time when this is so crucial in our country.  Alignment Essentials has been a great WIFA partner and sponsor/supporter of our events, and we look forward to showcasing America's Favorite Way to Sweat at our annual Fiercely Female event at FIBO this year. Kudos to WIFA members and Alignment Essentials co-founders Jani Roberts and Sabrina Ursaner on this amazing accomplishment!  

You can learn more about Alignment Essentials and Warrior® Workouts here!