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Why a Teaching Vacation is What You Need!

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In December, you heard from our friends at Fit Bodies, Inc. explaining what a teaching vacation is, and why you might want to consider one. They want to share with our WIFA community a few other ways a teaching vacation can help impact your personal & business wellness.

As a business owner herself, Fit Bodies, Inc. Owner and Founder Suzelle Snowden owned an Aerobics Studio and Instructor Training Center in Northern Kentucky in the 1990’s.  She knows first-hand the hustle and bustle of what is means to bring in new clients, differentiate yourself, and keep your customers coming back.

Refresh yourself = refresh your business

Your fitness and mental batteries need to be fully charged in order to be able to inspire your clients, members, and employees. It is a standard generalization that women tend to think of themselves last. On your teaching vacation, you can use the free time you don’t have at home to spark your creativity, relax your body, and nourish your mind and soul, and come back to your business and your world fully refreshed.

Lavish luxury time in stunning resort settings is about as good as it gets to us!

We’re talking luxury all-inclusive accommodations, world-class amenities, unsurpassed personal service and limitless gourmet fare (and alcohol if you please) for you and your companions. Wake up and walk out of your luxury suite right onto the beach or poolside classroom.

Your colleagues, employees, and instructor friends need a break too

Overworking runs rampant in the fitness industry (remember, the #1 trend in the fitness industry today is HITT training?!).  Many of us are known for going, going, going, and because we are all mostly over-achievers, we think its perfectly normal for our colleagues and friends to be the same way. The best thing you can do for your close fitness friends, employees, and colleagues, is encourage them to take their fitness skills on the road to a teaching vacation.  Heck, you can even invite them on your trip when you book, or vice versa!

The Fit Bodies, Inc. team is proud to have built a great community of group fitness, yoga, certified Personal Trainers, Tennis and golf pros, and even DJs who are able to travel in luxury to spread their passion and vacation at the same time.

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If you are ready to book your Teaching Vacation, don’t forget to use your 10% off discount code WIFA10. This will take 10% off your administration fee for first-time bookings made for travel between June – November.


“I just came back from my first teaching/vacation experience with Fit Bodies, Inc. What an amazing experience bundled together. Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude to Fitbodies, Inc. staff and management for the opportunity and wonderful experience. You are certainly one of the best fitness company that brings fitness instructors reconnecting with their body through our barefoot experience. The resort are beautiful and staff are great. Food selection and services are the best. I am very grateful for the resort management team for their kindness, support and appreciation for the positive influence I have parted to the resort guest. They asked me to come back and will definitely go back to this resort in a heartbeat. Thank you once again and more power to Fitbodies, Inc.” – Eleanor V.

About Fit Bodies, Inc

Fit Bodies, Inc., is the largest teaching vacation organization in the world, providing quality fitness programming to luxury resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond since 1992. Our mission is to provide teaching vacations where certified professionals mix their passion with paradise, while also vacationing at luxury all-inclusive beachfront resorts.