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WIFA- Women In Fitness Association
WIFA Waves Episode 11

WIFA Waves Episode 11

Sep 25, 2020

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview Lori Patterson, CEO of Victelib and creator of the Boot Camp Challenge®. Lori is a leading experts in the fitness industry on entrepreneurship, she has built her career on creating and implementing group training programs throughout the US. Lori served in the US Army and has been in the fitness industry for 36 years. We talk about Lori's journey in this world from the Army to today as well as what her true passions are in serving her community. Lori shares how she learned about WIFA and the incredible experiences she's had within the organization. Listen to the full episode to hear more about Lori's career and her advice to young women looking to get their start.


Email: [email protected]

Social handles: FB: Lori Cragg Patterson, Insta: @bcchica, LinkedIN: Lori Patterson, Twitter: @LoriLPatterson